The Crisp-Air Workout

Get your exercise on in the great outdoors

Crisp Air WorkoutAhhh, smell the fresh, crisp air! Fall is here and it’s a great time to be outdoors. Keep your hot mama bod in check this season with a cool backyard workout—even the kids will enjoy it! This month’s workout combines cardio, strength, flexibility and all-around fun. No equipment needed.

But, before we get into the actual exercises, let’s start with some creative visualization. I want you to picture one aspect of your diet that needs to be improved (too much sugar, not enough water, skipping breakfast, drinking too much, not enough protein) and see yourself making—and sticking to—the change. Exercise alone is not enough to help you achieve that killer Mommy-Moves body. Nutrition is key—and so is a healthy balance between clean eating and regular fitness. If you change one thing at a time in your overall health regimen, you can and will be successful! So start small by eliminating the soda you have with your lunch every day or by focusing on portion control—and stick to it. Once you’ve gotten this change under control and replaced a bad habit with a good one, pick something else to improve. Believe me, you will see and feel a change!

Now, enjoy the workout!

Find a good spot in your yard or at a park and mark it. Then mark another spot about 30 feet in front of you. You will be running/walking back and forth in between exercises to these marks.


Begin with 10 lunges on each leg. Run/fast walk to your other mark and drop down and do 10 push-ups (you can do these modified on your knees). Get back up and run/walk to your first mark, and do nine lunges each leg. Run over to your other mark and do nine push-ups! Do this routine until you get down to one of each! Your heart rate will be up and you will be sweating. Kids love this exercise.


Same principle here, except now you are going to do a plank for one minute, get up and run over to your other mark and do 20 ab twists each way. Get back up and do 45 seconds of a plank, run back and do 15 ab twists each way. Run back and do 30 seconds of a plank, and run back and do 10 ab twists each way. Now, last one: Run back and hold your plank for 15 seconds, run to your last mark and do five ab twists each way!


You’ve got very simple exercises this set, so push yourself! Squats and push-ups are some of the best and most effective exercises—and they’re definitely my favorite ones. Ready? Do eight jump squats, run to your other mark and do eight close-arm push-ups on your knees. Go back and forth from mark to mark and see if you can go all the way down to one (eight squats and eight push-ups, seven squats and seven push-ups, and so on). If you think eight is too high, then start at five for now.

Your body (and hubby!) will appreciate your hard work. And, most importantly, you’ll feel amazing! You deserve it!

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