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Mom on the Street
January 11


Welcome to “Mom on the Street” (ya know, like “Man on the Street”). Each month, we’ll be asking
moms just like you for a slice of their sage advice, insider tips or tried-and-true wisdom in the hopes
that their unique brand of mothering inspires, assuages, calms, strengthens and even amuses you.

This month's question: What's your New Year's resolution?


Amanda Garner and Family

Amanda Garner is a PharmD and founder of Mom’s
Medicine Chest Inc. (,
an online resource for parents concerning kids’ health and medicine. She also works part-time at a children’s hospital in Austin, Texas. Here's what this Cedar Park, Texas, mother of three has to say:

"Simplify and de-clutter! I am feeling the urge to simplify all aspects of my life and clean out the clutter that gets in the way.

First and foremost, I plan to de-clutter and organize the house. I can’t tell you how many hours my husband and I have wasted looking for lost items. Our kids are getting older and don’t 'need' much of the stuff we have held on to over the years. We are getting rid of it. The race to get out the door in the morning will go much smoother without all the clutter in our way. It will feel good to organize and simplify my house, and then I will move on to work.

I plan to simplify my duties as a pharmacist and an entrepreneur. I want to focus more on what I am passionate about—educating parents about children’s health and medicine—and focus less on tasks that do not use my strengths. I will delegate tasks like website updates and accounting. By staying focused on the big picture, everything else will fall into place. I look forward to a less cluttered and more productive 2011."


Cheryl Fenton and Husband

Cheryl Fenton is a freelance magazine writer who has covered beauty, health and fashion in both national and local publications, including Glamour, US Airways, Boston Common and Cooking Light magazines. She recently celebrated the first-year anniversary of her site, which gives busy women (moms included) beauty, fashion, life and style tips, all in record time. Here's what this Boston mother of one has to say:

“I always pick a serious resolution, but this year I’m picking a fun one—to go see more live music. My husband and I were huge music fans before we had our daughter. We still are! These days, whenever we have date night, we feel pressure to have tons of grown-up conversation over an expensive dinner, not go to concerts where we can't talk. But there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a quick bite and then heading off to a night where we let someone else do the talking (or singing, should I say). We can be just as ‘connected’ while rocking out, since it’s one of the passions that we share. I think it’s about time we reconnect with our former concert-going selves and seek out some great shows in 2011. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see some old faves and check out a few new ones. All the world’s a stage! Except this year, we’ll be in the audience.”


Lyss Stern and Sons

Lyss Stern is the founder and president of Divalysscious Moms (, the premier network and event company for the New York area’s well-heeled and fabulous moms. Lyss is also the co-author of If You Give a Mom a Martini100 Ways to Find 10 Blissful Minutes for Yourself. Here's what this New York mother of two has to say:

"My New Year’s resolution is to reduce clutter in my apartment and office. Getting rid of clutter will not only reduce the amount of cleaning I need to do, but it will also help me to feel more relaxed and calm. Getting rid of piles of mail, dishes around the sink, shoes and bags near the entry, and stuff in the many other little areas that clutter accumulates can reduce my stress. I will also feel better when visitors stop by unexpectedly, and there will be less last-minute scrambling to find a place to shove the clutter.

And my second New Year's resolution is to get more sleep. Go to bed early. Sleep in. Take a short nap during the day if I can. Getting more sleep (but not oversleeping) will help me feel fresh and focused."


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