Outta Sight Site Spotlight: UrbanMist.com

August 25th, 2011

Looking for that perfect gift for a preggo friend or cutie-pie kiddo?

Look no further than Urbanmist. The tees-to-please one-stop-shop dresses every member of the family in funny-bone-tickling tops.

Here, we talk to Urban Mist co-founder Ian Heller about his snark-meets-style maternity and baby clothes company, the hot designs of the season and his new organic line.


THE FAMILY GROOVE: Why did you start Urban Mist?

Ian Heller: There are a few websites out there that cater to this niche, but I didn’t think the other sites were funny or thought provoking. As a new parent, I was inspired to create a new website dedicated to funny baby & maternity shirts. In fact, shortly after my baby was born, I literally remember sitting in the hospital room and writing the first list of sayings for the shirts. Baby and maternity shirts seemed like a good canvas to express fun and cute messages. The more I started working on material for children and maternity, the more I realized it opened up creativity I never knew I had.

IH: To fulfill my creative desires I decided to learn graphic design by taking classes and reading books and now I am a self-taught graphic designer. When we make a new design first we come up with a slogan for the shirt and then try to develop a design related to the slogan, so it’s the slogan that is a big part of the design aesthetic. When that doesn’t work we sometimes get inspiration while doing kegs stands but we fill the kegs with Similac. Similac keg stands are a part of our creative process (just kidding). We are just inspired by the cuteness of maternity and baby clothes in general, they are just a great canvas that our hearts want to fill.

TFG: What are your most popular styles?

IH: That is top secret information but off the record, our most popular styles are Maternity t-shirts, Onesies and the Organic styles. My personal favorite slogans that I have designed for the Maternity and baby categories are as follows:

Maternity Shirts – 1) Delivery Methods – Digital Download and 2) Pregnant Women are Beautiful

Infant Shirts – 1) I Used To Live In A One Womb Apartment and 2) I Was Owe How Much Money To The Government

TFG: What is your proudest moment as a business owner?

IH: Every time an order is placed it makes me proud. It shows that someone really likes a design that I personally created and that is the best feeling in the world.

TFG: What exciting things are on the horizon?

IH: On the horizon we are planning to create an alphabet and nature based line of designs and will be letting our imaginations run wild. Expect the unexpected and check back frequently or sign up for updates on our homepage here.

For more cool tees, go to www.UrbanMist.com.Belly bonus: Free shipping with purchase of five or more shirts!


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You Say Au Revoir, I Say Hola

May 4th, 2011

Delight your wee one with the wonder that is other languages—and teach him or her about other cultures in the process. Little Pim is a fun, award-winning series designed to introduce foreign languages to babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Research shows that young children who learn a second language have greater cognitive and verbal skills. Children up to the age of six can learn multiple languages with ease. Cool, right? Trusted by parents and loved by kids, each 35-minute DVD features Little Pim, a cutie-pie animated panda as well as real kids doing everyday activities.

For more info, go to www.littlepim.com.

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Outta Sight Site Spotlight: Imagination Destination

October 18th, 2010

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is (pause to clear throat, open eyes widely and stand up straight):

Two pairs of Louboutins (your choice but seeking one pair not-so practical looking and one very much not so practical looking—because practical heels are a waste of time)

A pair of winter boots (again, not looking for practical here)

Pajamas (because my daughter is starting to point out that I sleep in the next day’s gym clothes)

Gym clothes (lululemon only)

More blond in my life (because not a creature is stirring except for my verging-on-mousy-brown hair)

Proper bedding (organic and luxe—because the make-d0 I’ve been making-do simply will not do anymore)

A retainer (because I think my teeth are shifting)

A housekeeper

Ummm . . . world peace

Please get back to me asap to let me know that you got my letter.


Fat chance on the reply, you are thinking, right? I mean Santa is sooooo busy this time of year. Duh.

Lucky for us, Imagination Destination is here to help out old Saint Nick.

On this oh-so-smart, ever-so-cheeky site, you can personalize a letter from none other than Santa, Frosty or Rudolph (and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy).

Sending a letter is a snap. Choose the character, select your letter head and sending option (can be sent via regular mail with appropriate postmark or you can print it out on your own) and customize a letter specially for your child.

We absolutely love this idea! It’s just a neat thing you can do to keep the magic of the holidays and childhood alive. Love. That.

Get sent! Go to www.imaginationdestination.com

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Who’s Bad?

September 6th, 2010

I saw about half of This Is It late on Saturday night. As exhausted as I was after a day of cleaning, cooking and entertaining a two-year-old and a five-year-old, all while working an 8-hour day, I found my energy rising as I watched the movie.

Man, oh, man in the mirror, are Michael’s energy and passion palpable. He’s so ubiquitous, even in death, and you forget why sometimes.

Watching the movie made me at once sad (I mean, he’s clearly out of it) and inspired (even when he’s out of it, he’s a performer through and through, a true professional and an obsessed perfectionist—I so admire that).

Anyway, it’s a great movie to watch with your kids because the music and the dancing are unparalleled.

And speaking of days of cooking, cleaning, entertaining two little kids and working (or not so really speaking of it), behavior was a big issue this weekend. The no’s (as said to me), the tantrums (after I say no) and the know-it-allness (of both of them) were remarkable.

Witnessing these new stages of development and seeing little human beings explore their boundaries and flex their independent muscles is fascinating from an intellectual point of view but from a harried–mother-whose-already-on-empty-and-whose-patience-skipped-town-a-while-ago, it’s frustrating (and that’s putting it nicely).

I expected the two-year-old to act as such but not the five-year-old. Apparently, however, five (as in five going on fifteen) can be a tough time for the wees, especially the girl ones. All of my daughter’s friends’ moms report back on the same kind of exasperating behavior.

Knowing that it’s not just my kid (and it’s probably not because I work too much) makes me feel a lot better and stops me from buying a one-way ticket on the guilt train for a long and bumpy ride to Woe-Is-Me-Ville.

If you’re feeling my pain, chug-a-chug-a-choo-choo your way over to our  helpful Q & A with a prominent child psychiatrist on how to effectively handle bad behavior called The Discipline Dilemma.

I hope your weekend was more good than bad, unless you still use the word bad to mean good.

Have a good/bad Labor Day!

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Everything’s Zen

August 11th, 2010

Guess what’s back. Back again. Back-to-school’s back. Tell your friends.

In honor of back-to-school’s official arrival, Little Zen Minds, a site teeming with children’s educational and learning toys, is offering 15 percent off of all merchandise until August 30.

Just use code SCHOOL2010.

Big savings, engaged children, solid purchases you don’t have to second guess—sounds pretty zen to us.

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August-us Maximus!

August 2nd, 2010

Happy 50th, TFG! Don’t we look good for our age? Not a wrinkle in sight (or in site, we should say) and we don’t use any fillers.

Our “August and Everything After” issue (yes, that is an homage to the Counting Crows) captures the best of the rest of the season in the sun and takes you right into the heart of back to cool.

In This Issue

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Grime Time Players

July 27th, 2010

Clean up their act with these five bathroom safety tips from Rachelle Gansky, owner of KidProteq.com, grandmother and proteq-ter of children far and wide.

“Every preschooler needs a good bath after a long day of play. But, the bathroom is full of potential hazards your little one might get in to! Use these tips to keep your child safe while bathing.

  • Install the Kidco Safety Rail to ensure safety when getting in and out of the tub.
  • The Kidco Bath Storage Basket is essential to keep toys out of the way when your child gets into the tub. Keeping toys drained and dry cuts down on mold and mildew growth too.
  • Cover the bottom of the tub with Tub Water Temps which check the water temperature and provide grip for no-slips.
  • Step Up Step Stool allows your preschooler to safely reach the sink and gain some independence too!
  • And, don’t forget to wash behind those ears!

What else do you need in your bathroom? Go to www.kidproteq.com for the complete bathroom safety product line. Send your ideas and solutions to: kidproteq@comcast.net or call us: 800.958.1251″

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Big Time Flush

July 14th, 2010

(Those of you with little girls who crave to be bigger girls and beg/con you into letting them watch Teen Nick know what the headline references. Truth is, neither one of us can take Noggin anymore. Can you? They so need an in-between channel.)

And now back to our program.

This month, we’re spotlighting bathroom safety via a new tip every week from the one and only Rachelle Gansky, owner of KidProteq.com and grandmother extraordinaire.

This week’s tip is a lock:

“Young toddlers can be curious, especially in the bathroom. Encourage exploration and discovery while keeping it safe.
Play in the bath water, not the toilet water! Start closing the lid early on. Put Push Button Toilet Lock on the lid to keep the kids (and pets) out!
Use Toilet Paper savers so your bathroom doesn’t end up looking like a college frat party.
Keep all medicines in the Smart Guard Medicine Safe. Put cabinet locks on cabinets as an extra precaution.

For information on these and more, check out www.kidproteq.com.

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