Today’s Gift Worth Giving: The Belly Bandit

November 29th, 2010

Possibly one of the greatest postpartum inventions ever has go to be The Belly Bandit.

It is most definitely a gift worth giving.

The Belly Bandit is available in Original, Couture (pictured) and Bamboo.

Postpartum women swear by this abdominal compression binder, a handy tool in the fight to get one’s pre-baby body back.

Among its magical powers, it helps reduce uncomfortable uterine swelling, aids in decreasing bloating caused by water retention, and gives additional support for tired legs and backs.

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You’ll love it because two moms who’ve thrived in the realm of natural parenting started meeting more moms and realized that not everyone has the birthing and breastfeeding experience they want.

To help support and empower women in this area, they created Well Born Baby, which offers doula services, childbirth and parenting education, lactation consulting, and an online store with essential pregnancy products.

For more info and invaluable products, go to

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