You’ve Got Male

August 9th, 2010

Man, oh man! What if this whole TTC thing isn’t about you? What if it’s about your man? Maybe your dude has some fertility issues. Dude!

If you’re trying to conceive, you should most definitely get your man checked out, say the reproduction (that word always reminds me of Grease 2) experts at Fairhaven Health.

Here’s their TTC fertili-tip of the week:

“When a couple is having a hard time conceiving, it is important that both are tested for infertility issues. Low sperm count, slow sperm movement (motility), or abnormal shape (morphology) tends to be the main infertility issues that men face. Male infertility plays a role in almost half of the couple experiencing infertility. Supplements, such as FertilAid for Men, are designed to increase sperm count as well as improve the motility and morphology of sperm—promoting the healthy development of sperm.

For more trying-to-conceive content and product info, please go to”

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