Spring Into a Fabulous Giveaway from Moxie Jean!

March 4th, 2013

Moxie Jean, an online, upscale resale boutique for kids, wants to shower your little one with a new spring wardrobe.

Enter to win a $150 gift certificate – enough for an entire season’s worth of designer duds!

Enter here for your chance to win.

Plus, earn three additional entries for every friend you refer.



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Outta Sight Site Spotlight: UrbanMist.com

August 25th, 2011

Looking for that perfect gift for a preggo friend or cutie-pie kiddo?

Look no further than Urbanmist. The tees-to-please one-stop-shop dresses every member of the family in funny-bone-tickling tops.

Here, we talk to Urban Mist co-founder Ian Heller about his snark-meets-style maternity and baby clothes company, the hot designs of the season and his new organic line.


THE FAMILY GROOVE: Why did you start Urban Mist?

Ian Heller: There are a few websites out there that cater to this niche, but I didn’t think the other sites were funny or thought provoking. As a new parent, I was inspired to create a new website dedicated to funny baby & maternity shirts. In fact, shortly after my baby was born, I literally remember sitting in the hospital room and writing the first list of sayings for the shirts. Baby and maternity shirts seemed like a good canvas to express fun and cute messages. The more I started working on material for children and maternity, the more I realized it opened up creativity I never knew I had.

IH: To fulfill my creative desires I decided to learn graphic design by taking classes and reading books and now I am a self-taught graphic designer. When we make a new design first we come up with a slogan for the shirt and then try to develop a design related to the slogan, so it’s the slogan that is a big part of the design aesthetic. When that doesn’t work we sometimes get inspiration while doing kegs stands but we fill the kegs with Similac. Similac keg stands are a part of our creative process (just kidding). We are just inspired by the cuteness of maternity and baby clothes in general, they are just a great canvas that our hearts want to fill.

TFG: What are your most popular styles?

IH: That is top secret information but off the record, our most popular styles are Maternity t-shirts, Onesies and the Organic styles. My personal favorite slogans that I have designed for the Maternity and baby categories are as follows:

Maternity Shirts – 1) Delivery Methods – Digital Download and 2) Pregnant Women are Beautiful

Infant Shirts – 1) I Used To Live In A One Womb Apartment and 2) I Was Owe How Much Money To The Government

TFG: What is your proudest moment as a business owner?

IH: Every time an order is placed it makes me proud. It shows that someone really likes a design that I personally created and that is the best feeling in the world.

TFG: What exciting things are on the horizon?

IH: On the horizon we are planning to create an alphabet and nature based line of designs and will be letting our imaginations run wild. Expect the unexpected and check back frequently or sign up for updates on our homepage here.

For more cool tees, go to www.UrbanMist.com.Belly bonus: Free shipping with purchase of five or more shirts!


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Back to School Rules

August 22nd, 2011

Gary from Label Your Stuff, an easy-to-use, personalized online label site (think clothing, backpacks, lunchboxes, allergy alert, gift labels, books addresses and more), give us his top tips for getting back to school with your cool still in tact.

It’s hard to believe we are in the Back to School season already. For something so predictable, it’s surprising how many people are caught off guard every year and must scramble to buy their kids clothes, supplies and getting them back into the routine.

Here are a few tips to help with getting your kids ready for school this year.

Label Your Stuff

According to some websites the average family spends over $500 per child, all the new clothes, new shoes, new lunch boxes, new backpacks and even new pens and pencils makes shopping for school one of the biggest expenditures of the year for most families.

The expense of lost gear can really add up, so labeling is a great cost-saving measure. There are plenty of ways to label your child’s belongings, including hard-to-name items like shoes and hoodies, water bottle and lunch boxes Take a look at LabelYourStufff.com and before you know it you’ll have everything labeled and ready to go. We’re offering TFG readers 10% off with the code TFG10.

Get Back Into Your School Sleep Pattern

If you wait till the first day of school to adjustment household sleep schedules you may be sorry. Instead, ease children back into a school year routine gradually. During the last two weeks of summer, re-introduce a school year bedtime. Begin waking late sleepers earlier and earlier, closer to the hour they’ll need to rise when school begins.

Establish Food Patterns That Match School

Younger children, in particular, need to adapt to new meal routines before the school day starts, during and after school; this may be a huge shift to what they have done over the summer. Plan meals and snacks to get little ones into the rituals of the school day before the school year begins.

Create a Calendar

One of my friends gets out the big desk calendar at the start of every year and it becomes the road map for all activities and events that all the kids have during the year. It is even color coded by child. The lunch menu is a great addition to the calendar. Scout meetings, school assignments, music lessons, games, practices. This creates a centralized site for all family calendars and schedules and a one-stop shop for family time management.

Plan Before You Shop

August is the second-biggest sales month for clothing retailers. Back to school clothing sales begin as early as July! An informed shopper is a savvy shopper, so prepare before you shop. Take an afternoon and have your kids try on their clothes, boy! how they grow over the summer. Assess each child’s clothing needs. Empty drawers and closets of outgrown or worn-out clothing, and either store or donate the discards. Clean and organize clothing storage before new garments are added. Develop a good list of what each kid needs and avoid the “I don’t know what I need” look when you get to the store. That way you can get in and get out and everyone is happy.

List School Supplies

Get the classroom supply lists before shopping for school supplies. Forewarned is forearmed—and helps protect the family budget. Some of the basics are ok to buy ahead of time.

Do All of The Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

School entry may require documentation from immunization records, report cards from the previous school year. Athletes need proof of medical examination and birth certificates. A little preparation before the last few days will go along way. Call your child’s school or check the school district Web site beforehand to find out what paperwork will be required–then find it!

Get Ready The Night Before

Each evening, think ahead to the following morning; what is needed for the next day Make sure there are breakfast food items available and easy to prepare. Lay out children’s clothing the night before. Make sure backpacks are ready and have homework, projects or library books in them. Make sure musical instruments or sports bags are packed and ready to go.

Create a dedicated space for each kid for their own stuff like books, papers, lunch money and permission slips.

For more from Label Your Stuff, go to www.labelyourstuff.com. Get 10% off with code TFG10.


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Outta Sight Site Spotlight: TinyPetalsBabyandChild.com

August 17th, 2011

When it comes to spoiling the kids, grandmas have got the market cornered.

So, an online baby and child clothing, gear and gift site stocked by a style-savvy grandmother means only the best.

Here, Colleen Amabile talks about her grandma-tested, kiddie-approved sweet-meets-chic boutique.


THE FAMILY GROOVE: Why did you start your business?

Colleen Amabile: The reason I started my business is really quite simple.  As I mother of four and grandmother of four, I’ve spent a lot of time shopping for children’s products.  This is something I’ve always enjoyed.  It seemed natural for me to take my love of children and my experience to the next level and open a store where I could offer my customer’s children’s product’s chosen with love. Everyone is so busy, I I would like do some of the searching for my customer’s and save them precious time.

TFG: Tell us about the name.

CA: Chosing a name was really quite an adventure. I knew I wanted to use “petals”as part of the name,  just because of the connection between the beauty of flower petals and the beauty and vibrancy of children. As it turns out, there are a lot of businesses that have the word “petals” included in there name!  Finally, after much searching, I found that “Tiny Petals” was available and it did seem a perfect fit!

TFG: What makes Tiny Petals Baby and Child stand out?

CA: I believe we stand out because our selection offers not only darling apparel, blankets and diaper bags, but the pricepoint is varied. Our customers can find something unique for a special occasion or gift as well as play clothes with style!

TFG: You have a fantastic selection of baby items on your site. Why did you decide to branch out into kids’ clothes?

CA: I found my vision evolved as I searched the huge market of baby and children’s products.  It seemed that the most dynamic and exciting element now is children’s apparel.  We do carry fashion forward diaper bags and designer blankets and accessories as well in order offer great gift choices for our shoppers.

Seeing how fashion for children has changed since I shopped for my children and now shop for my grandchildren, I’m more excited than ever about searching for great apparel for kids.  I decided to take this search to the next level and offer a site with an eclectic mix of fashion for children, from sweet to chic.

TFG: What’s your proudest moment as a business owner?

CA: I would say that my proudest moment is really a collection of small moments.  I’ll give an example.  It seems like a small thing, but it just symbolizes the customer service that I think makes us special. I received an order from a customer who had searched for a special dress for her little girl for an upcoming event.  Unfortunately, by the time she found something she really loved on our site, the dress wouldn’t reach her in time through regular mail.  She was so disappointed and I wanted her to have that sweet little dress for her little girl in time for the event.  At that time, I didn’t offer expedited shipping, so I went ahead and sent her the package with expedited shipping myself.

As I said, it is a small thing, but I knew this was important to my customer. She was very happy and that was a proud moment for me!

For more baby and child goodies, go to www.TinyPetalsBabyandChild.com.



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Princess Superstar

August 18th, 2010

When I was coming up in the mid-90s NYC music scene, there was a singer called Princess Superstar.

She couldn’t sing, really, but her act was as noteworthy as her name. In a fashion you’d expect of a girl named Princess Superstar, she’d prance from one end of the stage to the other and yell “Princess! Superstar!” as a sort of punctuation to each destination.

Many years later (as said a la Sponge Bob).

My daughter has a Barbie cash-register-type-thingy that proclaims “Come back soon, Princess” after something-or-other is pressed on said thingy.

“Come back soon, Princess”—it used to get me. The first few times I heard it echoing out of my daughter’s room, I was angry about it. What about saying “Come back soon, President” or “Come back soon, Doctor” or “Come back soon, Wonderfully talented girl who knows her worth and can accomplish anything she sets her mind to”? What kind of message is this plant in fertile minds?

Why do they still make this kind of toy? And why am I allowing it?

After a few days of hearing (and being agitated by) the seemingly vapid sentiment, the answer came to me: Girls like princesses; girls want to be princesses. And irrespective of how many Wayne Dwyer children’s books you read to them, most girls of a certain age will go for the princess whenever they get the chance.

What my feminist girl-power mind had to understand was that the concepts and ideas that we teach and show our daughter are just that: concepts and ideas. She gets them; they are a part of her, strategically implanted into the DNA of her ways of being, ways of thinking and ways of doing from the time she was born. These ideas and concepts will continue to germinate and blossom as she grows to create a confident, empowered, absolutely fabulous human being; but a princess is a princess—no subtext, no propagation, no germination, no blooming required. For little girls, a princess is (or at least can be) all of the above, adorned in a pretty dress and a tiara.

And so, I let her go with it. In fact, I support her in it.

I wax ever-so-indulgently on this subject because of an every-little-girl’s-fantasy site called Princess Fancy Pants. The name says it all! From doll clothing to bows to clippies to flower hats to dresses to the sacred Holy Grail of girliness, aka tutus, Princess Fancy Pants is the kind of place that makes my little girl draw in a breath, mouth agape, open her eyes widely, raise her shoulders and throw her head back—kind of like this highly accomplished, confident, together and wholly happy woman does when she looks at the Net-a-Porter site. A-ha.

I guess you can take the girl out of the princess but you can’t take the princess out of the girl. And you know what? That’s actually a good thing.

Princess bonus: 20% off with code 20PRINCESS

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