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August 30th, 2012

Inspired by Felicity, the premier destination for handmade couture accessories for babies, toddler and big girls (as in mamas) too, is having a major (may-jor) clearance sale.

Best part? TFG readers get an additional 20% off (on regular and clearance items) with code Familygroove.

Fall into fabulous with pettiskirts (pictured to the left) for only $13.20, leggings for $8 and tutus for $4.80.

Plus, get a free hair clip with every order.

With back-to-school here and holiday right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your photo-opp-worthy gear in order so go to and stock up on too-cute-for-words hats, headbands, hair clips andbows, shoes, tutus, pettiskirts and more.

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Spring Profiles: Anna Marie’s ABCs

March 27th, 2012

The Place to Scoop Up the Best In: personalized children’s décor

You’ll Love It Because: Anna Marie believes that everyone’s name is special and deserving of celebration, and her personalized alphabet creations provide just the right amount of name fanfare. A wonderful gift for kids big and small, these illustrated products let everyone know they’re one of a kind.

Check This Out: Framed Name Art. With girls’, boys’, kids’ sports, animal, wine, garden and golf themes, these framed works of art offer something for everyone in the family. Impeccably illustrated, colorful and creatively conceived of—that’s a gift no one could resist.

Something Else You’ll Think Is Cool: Make sure your child knows her place—at the table, that is—with these custom laminated placemats. The alphabet around the border (a curved fish is the c, a giraffe the l, a butterfly the x) helps teach the ABCs. The name art for their bedroom doors is just as fun, so letter rip on ordering something cool.

Contact:, 416.576.8559. Get 10% off with code Groove.

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Outta Sight Site Spotlight:

April 27th, 2011

Summer’s coming! Can you feel it?

And what do we love more than our girls in their summer clothes? Girls in fabulously designed, UV protected, made-in-America bathing suits and athletic apparel.

Enter: Girls4Sport.

Their fierce line of sun protection swim and active wear captures the spirit of a modern-day girl in the world. With their smart, functional, Fun, savvy and, of course, stylish designs, this is your go-to site for your daughter’s summertime essentials.

And the best part is that they’ve got a line for you too, Mommy!

Here, Girls4Sport founder Kim Ruby talks about her line that’s shining the spotlight on girl power.

THE FAMILY GROOVE: Why did you start your business?

Kim Ruby: We had worked in high tech for quite some time, years, and decided we were due to embrace something more fun, exciting, colorful, personally of more interest and beneficial to the hu(wo)man race.

TFG: As you say on our About Us page, your business is “designed by women for women.” What do you think women and girls want in active wear?

KR: All women and girls want to enjoy how they look no matter what they’re doing. It may not be the number one priority when you’re busy having fun but it’s always an appreciated perk. Period. “Flattering, confident, fun, unique, comfortable” are all typical words we use every day. Given our penchant for retro-inspired prints, sometimes “groovy” appears in our banter too.

TFG: Tell us about the Buddy System Giveaway.

KR: The Girls4Sport Buddy System Giveaway (aka Friend of a Friend Giveaway) is on at our Facebook page and it’s easy! Just hop on to our Facebook page and ‘Like’ Girls4Sport Then, get a buddy of yours to ‘Like’ Girls4Sport too. Once both of you have “Like”d Girls4Sport, you and your buddy are entered into our monthly giveaway to win Girls4Sport apparel. You can enter up to 10 (ten) times per month. You and your buddy can each pick out one Girls4Sport apparel listed on the first page (products 1-10) of the .

TFG: You have a special section called the Pink Store, which benefits The U’ilani Fund. Why does their mission resonate with you?

KR: Given that women, of all ages, are our focus and breast cancer is 100 times more common in women than in men, breast cancer is pretty uniquely a female disease. It was a natural move for us to try to benefit a breast cancer organization but the U’ilani Fund is quite unique. Serving more than the treatment or search for a cure, the U’ilani Fund is all about focusing on an individual woman’s need behind the disease. They provide support to women receiving treatment for breast cancer by helping fund complementary treatments that improve their quality of life. We think that’s powerful and we know it’s appreciated. The namesake of the organization, Marina Lee U’ilani Bermudez, was both a physician and active, athletic woman. The U’ilani Fund was, quite simply, a perfect match for Girls4Sport.

TFG: What is your proudest moment as a business owner?

KR: Wow, we’ve had a few but I think it’s a repeat moment we’re blessed with now and again. Customers will write in and tell us how our approach to coverage has changed their lives, how they go about enjoying activities. It’s been very unexpected and has literally brought us to tears. Body image issues, scarring, medical conditions, you name it, we’ve gotten an email saying, thank you, for helping someone feel good and happy about getting out there and doing what they do. We really love that about our business and it keeps us inspired.

TFG: What’s new for the season?

KR: Always honing the “fabulousity” of our prints, it’s a given we have some better-than-ever prints this year. As a business, we’re aiming for more and more customer interaction and conversations. Afterall, without our customers, we wouldn’t have anything!

For more from Girls4Sport, go to Get 15% off with code GROOVY15.

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