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September 6th, 2011

Lullaby, and good night,
With pink roses bedight,
With lilies o’erspread,
Is my baby’s sweet head.
Lay you down now, and rest,
May your slumber be blessed!
Lay you down now, and rest,
May thy slumber be blessed!

Ah, the Brahms classic paints such a beautiful, serene and lovely picture.

Now, cut to overtired, crying kid and a nearly crying parent whose been lulling, begging, pleading and bribing her little one to please, please, please go to sleep.

Here, we talk to Judy Rundell, a former preschool teacher who create a audio series of children’s stories, designed to keep them cool, calm and collected during their would-be quiet time.

The Family Groove: Why did you start your business?

Judy Rundell: The creation of my story CD came from a need I had as a pre-school teacher to find something that would help my students rest during (licensing standard prescribed) nap time.

TFG: Tell us about the name.

JR: I was hoping the name would reflect the concept that as a nanny cares for children, Naptime Nanny would care for children during naptime.

TFG: What makes Naptime Nanny different from other quiet-time CDs?

JR: Each CD is over an hour long, that’s one huge difference. Commercially it is hard to find any CD of stories which is longer than 10 or 15 minutes. In addition to that, each story supports concepts parents and teachers try to teach. Examples, natural consequences, the importance of honesty, safety, making good choices (or thinking before making a choice), and taking responsibility for one’s actions and choices.

TFG: How do you select the stories used in Naptime Nanny CDs?

JR: I actually asked the students at my school, (and my own children), what their favorite stories were. The stories on the Christmas CD are ones we read to students at the school where I work, or traditional tales from various countries. The anchor being the traditional story read in every Christmas service I have ever been to, but told in terms a child can grasp.

TFG: Can you share with us some other tips to make rest time more relaxing for the child and the parent?

JR: Keeping to a routine is a big one. As much as possible, nap at the same time each day. A darkened, quiet room helps too. No more than one ‘stuffed animal’ or comfy toy in the bed. If your child has outgrown sleeping at nap, try using a different term when you refer to naptime, such as quiet time, or rest time, (the child’s experience tells them they are expected to sleep for a nap and they will resist if they don’t want to sleep).

TFG: Schools and sports teams are always on the lookout for unique fundraising ideas. Tell us about your program.

JR: I offer any pre-school, child care center, or church (thinking of the Christmas CD) the opportunity to sell CD’s and keep what is effectively ½ the profit. (I pay for shipping CDs). Organizations may take orders in advance, or purchase a supply of CD’s in advance then sell them.

TFG: What’s your proudest moment as a business owner?

JR: The day my first shipment of CD’s arrived from the manufacturer. It was seeing my dream of over 10 years in front of me, no longer a concept or dream, but a reality! What a rush that was.

For more sweet dreams, go to www.NaptimeNanny.com.

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