I Call a Do-Over

July 8th, 2010


This is so unfair.

So. Un. Fair.

Shrinkx Hips Postpartum Compression—your timing is terrible.
Where the heck where you five or even a little over two years ago?

I mean, really dude, where the heck where you?

You are the coolest thing ever: The promise of your old body back.

Ladies, it’s not your imagination—your body did change after pregnancy and your hips are a little wider.
(And no, those hairs weren’t there before.)

Pregnant bodies prepare for childbirth by secreting a hormone called relaxin (relaxin’ is something you will never do again once the little one comes, by the way)
that loosens pelvic joints and ligaments, allowing your pelvis to separate during childbirth. Couple that with the baby weight pressing down on your pelvis
and the sheer act of giving birth and, well, wider hips—oh, and a beautiful, healthy baby who will change your life for the better the minute you lay eyes on her.

And wider hips.

Enter: Shrinkx Hips Postpartum Compression Belt.

95 percent of women (out of how many, I don’t know) who used this body-saving device for up to eight weeks post-bebe, over or under clothing, returned
to their pre-baby size.

Paging Superman: Can you please fly around the earth backwards so I can wear this awesome sexy-back getter (and not feel lame about using “sexy-back”)?

Thank you. I appreciate it.

(For more super pre- and post-baby essentials, go to www.maternitique.com.)

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