Make Daddy Room for Daddy

April 6th, 2014

It’s here! It’s here!

We’re not talking about spring.

We’re talking about the other season we’ve all been waiting for—baby shower season.

Usually, it’s all about the mom-to-be but we think dear ol’ dad-to-be should get some love too.

The gift set offerings from Daddy & Co by DaddyScrubs get that proud papa in gear to man his latest and greatest role.

From $15.99 to $155.95, there’s a gift set at every price point.

Two go-to gifts:

The DaddySwag Gift Set, complete with:

  • A set DaddyScrubs in navy (a celeb favorite)
  • I’m the Daddy Tee in white
  • I’m the Daddy Hat
  • 3 pens
  • Sunglasses and more!



The Big Daddy Gift Set, complete with the Daddy Diaper Pack full of essentials like: 

  • Vintage Blue hat
  • DaddyBear Gift Set
  • DaddyDuck Gift Set
  • I’m the Daddy Bottle Sleeve
  • I’m the Daddy Water Bottle
  • Big Daddy Hook
  • I’m the Daddy Sunglasses
  • Bug Spray from daddy’s naturals line
  • Sun Block from daddy’s naturals line

This baby shower season, make room for daddy!

Go to



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And Everything Nice

February 6th, 2014

Candy, cards and cupcakes, oh, my!

If your house is anything like mine, it’s in a full Valentine’s Day frenzy right about now.

For my daughter, this love-filled holiday is a big one.

She is way into it.

And you know what that means?

It means I’ve got to produce big time.

Here’s what I found (insert squeal of joy): The Valentine’s Day Bath and Beauty 7-Piece Gift Set from tween beauty go-to Pinched Beauty.

The fabulous set features:

  • 4oz Bottle Strawberry Lotion
  • 2oz Cotton Candy Body Spray
  • .5ml Fairy Sparkle Polish
  • 3oz Bubblegum All Natural Glycerin Soap
  • .15oz Blue Raspberry Slushie Lip Gloss
  • 10ml Grape Perfume Oil
  • Pink Beauty Bag.Bag size is 6 1/2×1 3/4 x6 1/2. (Not pictured.)

This natural, handmade gift set even comes wrapped in a cupcake box with a red ribbon! (Insert another squeal of joy here.)

Seriously, would this not be every tween’s favorite gift ever?

Plus, the Pinched Beauty packaging is adorable—sweet, chic and still age-appropriate. 

Need to pick up gifts for her besties?

This limited edition trio of heart-shaped lip gloss and/or heart-shaped soap will do the trick without breaking the piggy bank.

To give your little darling a Valentine’s Day she’s sure to love, go to



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New Giveaway!

January 23rd, 2014

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, it’s our latest and greatest giveaway. 

Courtesy of DaddyScrubs, enter to win this DaddySwag Gift Set, complete with:

  • A set DaddyScrubs in navy (the essential delivery room gear)
  • I’m the Daddy Tee in white
  • I’m the Daddy Hat
  • 3 pens
  • Sunglasses and more

It’s valued at $89.95!

Contest runs through 1/31/14.

Enter to win here.



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(O)Mega Boost!

January 22nd, 2014

What’s worse than this winter’s ridiculous cold? 

This winter’s ridiculous cold season.

Stuffed-up kids are not fun.

Ready to put the freeze on the sneeze?

Get to know: Omegarageous Omega-3 Gummy Vitamins from Iceland Health.

Designed to support brain, heart, bone, muscle and eye health, these all-natural (read: no artificial ingredients) chewables are power-packed with 108 mg of DHA and 22 mg of EPA fatty acid nutrition per serving (that’s a lot!).

But these days, we love that they do double duty by boosting the immune system with vitamins E and C.

Oh, and we also love that right now TFG readers can get a two-month supply for just $24.95.

Now, if only they had a supplement that helped with cabin fever.

To scoop up your (o)mega boosters, go to



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V is for Valentine’s Day Victory

January 19th, 2014

valentine's day bear with heartJust when you thought the holidays were behind you and you were safe to get back to life as usual, you realize Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.

And then, after a month or so off, you have to start gearing up for Easter. pink easter basket

The crafts, the school parties, the candy, the gifts—when you have littles, every holiday is a celebration.

Fear not, my holiday-weary friends, My Embroidered Gifts has an entire section dedicated to Valentine’s Day and Easter.

We love that a lot of the sweet offerings can be personalized and most are under $30 (and many are under $20).

The embroidered and unique gift go-to also has affordable-meets-fabulous gifts for other occasions like birthdays, baby showers and more.

Plus, TFG readers get 15% off with code TFG15.

(Insert exhale of relief here.)

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Little for Now

January 18th, 2014

sleeping baby

As I type this, I’m sitting in on the couch in between my two kiddos, who are highly invested in Rise of the Guardians.

I was working in my office, which, truth be told, is much more conducive to getting any kind of writing done in a reasonable amount of time, but the call of spending as much time as possible with my kids was too good to ignore.

They are still little and sweet and snuggly and wanting to hang with me.

Writing about Little for Now, an eco-friendly baby gear go-to that shines with unique and innovative must-haves and specializes in the best cloth diapers and accessories, couldn’t be more appropriate.

Clicking through their easy-to-navigate, chock-full-of-awesome-products site makes me realize how precious these years are.

For my friends who are having babies now, I can’t think of a better place to shop—and/or register.

You can tell that all of the items have been vetted (seriously, there are some great brands here) and feel relieved in knowing you can’t make a wrong purchase.

Plus, the Cloth Diapering Learning Center is a rich resource (sans any preachiness) for those of you who are considering going the cloth route.

To gear up on the best eco-friendly, organic, cool goods you and your wee ones need, go to www.LittleforNow.

Now, get off your computer, and go enjoy your family!





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It’s All Good

January 15th, 2014

We are forever giving gifts. 

Birthday, baby shower, just-because—whatever the occasion, a good gift at a good price point is often (always) needed.

To us, a site like Goodness for Children is golden.

It lives up to its name and its promise to celebrate the wonder of childhood.

From active play and imagination-moving toys to puzzles, musical boxes, books, construction fun and so much more, this gift-giving go-to is overflowing with unique, quality goodies under $30.

In fact, you can find a bunch of fab items for under $10, like these adorable Pony Tail Pals (hello, Valentine’s Day gift).

Want to impress for less?

Go to, where it’s all good.




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Rest Assured

January 13th, 2014

The older I get the more I value my sleep. 

Years of truncated nights (thank you, babies, work, hormones, et al.) have put a good night’s rest at the top of my favorite things list.

Sleeping tight is no longer governed merely by having a clear shot at an uninterrupted eight hours; it now must include the right bedding and, even more crucially, the right pillows.

A couple of years back, I bought an organic buckwheat hull pillow from Buckwheat Glory for my man.

After trying a heap of other options a la Goldilocks, I realized that his pillow beat out the rest, hands (and head) down.

First of all, it’s made with natural, organic materials (read: no chemicals to off-gas in yo’ face).

There are plenty of organic pillow options that just aren’t so comfy though, and comfy is key when it comes to snoozing.

Recommended by chiropractors, these hypoallergenic soporific soothers provide ergonomic support to the head and neck, which, in turn, affects the entire body, and keeps your entire head, neck and shoulder area cool for the duration.

Buckwheat pillows are kind of like nature’s technology for a night of sound slumber.

For Zzzzs 1-2-3, check out


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Two Snaps Up!

January 10th, 2014

New motherhood didn’t go as I had planned.

Does it ever?

Amongst other grandiose (and ever so naive) ideas of things I would do as a glowing, perfectly coiffed, well-styled-in-a-soft-flowy-dress new mom, I thought I’d go the cloth diaper route.

Didn’t happen.

Not any of it.

And while we’re done having kids, there is a part of me that kind of, sort of, maybe wouldn’t mind a third.

If he or she did come around, I would most certainly do the cloth thing. 

Thanks to  ingenious products like Snappi Baby’s Snappi Diaper Fastener, cloth-diapering your bebe is, well, much more of a snap these days.

Do you see how smart (and cute) that little gizmo is?

A set of sweet cloth diapers and Snappi Fasteners makes a fabulous baby gift for any mom-to-be/new mom who’s doing or considering doing cloth.

Blow-out and soft, flowy dress not included.

For more info, go to





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For a Good Time

January 6th, 2014

Our Christmas decorations were barely been down a few days before my daughter, my dear sweet, never-met-an-occasion-she-didn’t-love daughter, started planning for Valentine’s Day.

She’s 8.

She’s been this way since any of us can remember. 

She gets big ideas and, to her credit, knows exactly how to put them into action.

I must introduce her to Paper Presentation, a place I used to frequent when I lived just a few blocks away from its flagship location in Manhattan and was, myself, a lover of celebrating all occasions to the hilt.

I only recently realized they had an online presence and I must say that gliding through their site has rekindled some of my once and former good-time gusto.

And considering that I’m the February mom for my daughter’s class, this reinvigoration is coming at the perfect time.

Paper Presentation does paper proud, offering everything from invitations to event accessories (the category name alone is exciting) to party goods to crafting supplies to custom-designed thank-you notes and more.

(Insert squeal here.)

The classic-cool designs can help set the tone for more than just your next soiree but for your style in general.

My daughter’s joie de vivre reminds me to take the time to delight in the little things for they compose the tapestry of a big thing called life.

Whether it’s a Super Bowl party (yes, she throws one of those, too), Valentine’s Day, a birthday or just any old day, a good theme and a solid, well-styled through line make all the difference.

For all your good-time gear, go to



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The Forecast Calls for Reign

January 3rd, 2014

I feel like everyone is pregnant right now.

Usually, these things go in waves but lately baby shower season is non-stop.

Since we are on the front lines of the baby-mama world, we know that there are soooo many fun, cool, meaningful and useful gifts and gear out there.

And if you follow The Family Groove, then you know too.

Granted, any mom-to-be needs the basics and she definitely needs her friends and family to buy her those basics—but I always pick up a registry basic and lil’ somethin’ somethin’ extra from my world that I know the mom will love.

Lately, handmade is my favorite way to go.  

In the super affordable (plus, don’t miss the 15% discount offer and code below) and super special category, Small Potatoes is a delicious mash-up of organic, handmade, cool, useful and oh-so unique.

From  bibs, binky leashes and burp cloths to dresses, diaper clutches and drinky leashes to mei tei carriers, nursing covers and so much more, Small Potatoes reigns as the one-stop go-to for baby shower best.

To shower your preggo pals in the latest and greatest baby gear must-haves, go to

Get 15% off with code TFG15.





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Why the Caged Stuffed Animals Sing

December 20th, 2013

Clutter is a big topic on the mommy circuit.

The mere thought of an upcoming birthday or holiday often devolves into panic over where the heck the new influx of space invaders are going to go.

I’m actually squirming just writing about it.

Fortunately, this ever-bubbling-up issue does have  a resolution—well, you know, beyond slowly, steadily chucking your kids’ stuff when they’re at school.

Introducing: The Zoo.

A smarter, more child-friendly alternative to overstuffed closets, heaps of boxes (upon boxes upon boxes) and the bed and/or dresser pile-up, this genius stuffed animal keeper turns storage into a play thing.

Told you it was genius.

Taking up less than two square feet of floor space, The Zoo’s sturdy design holds 90 (or so) medium stuffed animals that can easily be taken out or put in via safe, flexible bars.

It’s easy to assemble, wall-mountable to prevent tipping and quite possibly the happiest, most calm-inducing thing you will ever get your kids.

For a place for everything and everything in its place, go to www.Little


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Yule Light Up My Life

December 18th, 2013

Can you believe the holiday season this year?

It came in on a jet pack.

I mean, really, Christmas Eve, Tuesday? Tuesday?

I am so not prepared.

And I’m barely in the spirit.

I’m not bah humbug; I just haven’t had enough time to realize it’s happening now.



I have to get my head in the game. 

First order of business: Light some Christmas candles from PurBliss.

The made-in-the-USA, soy-based candles glow green and clean—unlike most other ones you’ll find.

But, eco-friendly aside, the scents are beautiful. There’s nothing cloying or overpowering here, just authentic aromatics that soothe and inspire.

Plus, at just $12.95, these long-burning sparklers make no-brainer gifts. Note to self: Stockpile them.

For now though, I’ll blissfuly ease into this runaway train of a season with the Christmas Tree Bliss candle.

Ahhh, serenity—and Christmas—now.

To light up your life, go to

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For Those About to Pop

December 16th, 2013

Most of the time I am loving the ages my kids are (5 and 8).

But every now and again, I get a baby pang.

Baby pangs float in on a cloud of nostalgia, complete with light filter and airbrushing, and look heavenly.

Baby pang alert: Baby Rebellion will make you want to have a baby.

Oh, the poetic juxtaposition of a sweet lil thing geared up in punk rock garb.

I mean, the Kokeshi Pink Dolls Baby Dress (also available as a toddler kimono)? Uh, yes, please.

The mini badass onesies (including the one that says “I’m Only Doing This Until My Band Gets Signed)?  I can’t even deal with the cute.

And the leggings? The shoes? The hats? Oh my! 

This site goes beyond baby-pang-making; it makes me want to pack up the family, move to LA (Manifest Destiny, you are a sly one), have a baby and get my band back together—because all that would totally work.

In the meantime though, I’ll settle for bookmarking the site and making it my new baby-gift go-to.

Keep on rockin’ in the baby world and check out

Get 10% off with code TFG.


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Best Dressed

December 14th, 2013

When our kids were little, they were impeccably dressed.

Amy dressed her boys to the nines in a mix of preppy-hip and Jillian’s kids rocked a sort of high-style version of Punky Brewster.

Now our kids dress themselves.

(Insert sigh here.)

Parents with youngins (or kids who will still allow you to “help”) take note: Dress ‘em up while you can and dress ‘em something good.

Oh, and take lots of pictures.

Not sure where to start?

Head right on over to Stephanie’s Wonderland, masters of that special kind of childhood whimsy that makes memories.

Scoop up a Christmas outfit (or two or three!) and keep your camera at the ready.

Looking for gifts your little princess will adore? Check out the super affordable princess dresses (only $20) and the fab-u-lous pettiskirts.

Make this season the best (dressed) of times.

Go to and get 15% off with code TFG15.

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