What to Wear When You Are Expecting

The movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting is out this month.

You know, it’s the one with the all-star ensemble cast set making pregnancy look oh so sexy, thanks to super slim and trim actresses donning prosthetic bumps. Talk about expectations!

I mean, that’s what happens, right? You just get a cute little bump and the rest of you stays as hot-bodied as you were (or as you would be if you spent thousands on a trainer and nutritionist and it was your job to be in bangin’ shape), yes?


Well, while most women weather pregnancy a tad differently (ahem), the movie did accurately shine the light on a new trend: Gownies

Both Cameron Diaz and Elizabeth Banks sport these fabulous hospital gowns.

The cute cover-ups, sold at the maternity must-have go-to Baby Be Mine Maternity, dress up mommies-on-the-verge in the height comfy-chic (and spare them from scratchy, torn, tattered and oftentimes downright depressing duds that come standard at check-in).

Something else Gownies does: Provides front and back coverage (read: no embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions), while still allowing for easy access during the entire birthing process and afterward for breastfeeding and bonding.

Know a mom-to-be? Get her ready for her close-up by buying her a Gownie. It’s like a little Hollywood magic sprinkled right into the delivery room.

Hair, makeup and svelte figure sold separately.