Whole Lotta Krinklin’ Going On!

I checked in with my girl Erin at Krinklz Baby to see how what was shaking (or krinkling, actually).

I figured she’d email back with a sentence or two about a new pattern or maybe a sale underway.

Note to self: When you don’t hear from a mompreneur for a couple of months, it means she is busy.

Direct from Erin, here’s what’s news at Krinklz Baby:

Well, let’s see!

The logo has undergone a face lift, in order to make it more bright and fun!

The website also underwent a few cosmetic changes along with reinventing the logo.

Robert Downey Jr. and Hilary Duff both received Krinklz Baby crinkle papers in a baby gift basket and Jennifer Garner received a Krinklz Baby burp cloth. People can buy the same toys/accessories for their babies that the celebs have starting at $5!

Here is a lovely recent review from a customer in the UK: “I just wanted to tell you what a success Krinkly paper has been with Joshua! We hadn’t really used it yet, but the other day he started to reach out and grab for the first time and loved the crunchy sounds on the feet of an elephant he has. However, much too big for him to grab properly!! So I suddenly thought of the paper- massive success, he loves it and in the space of 3days can now grab it with both hands and pull towards his mouth. Once he has it, he doesn’t let go! I will be ordering a few more shortly as they are so handy! And also recommending to my mummy-friends! So thanks once again!”

I have a running deal on my Etsy store for ready to ship items  for 10% off using coupon code FRIENDSHARE at checkout.

People should follow me on Twitter @krinklzbaby and like the Facebook fan page.

I am starting a new sort of promotion. People can email erin@krinklzbaby.com with PRIVATE SALE in the subject line. They will periodically get an email with various ready to ship products that can be purchased before they are listed for the public. An email will be sent with photos and prices of the items available, and then it is first to request an invoice and pay gets it! A great way to get toys and accessories for baby, or stock up on baby gifts that the public hasn’t seen yet!

Gotta love a mom on a mission!

Kudos to you, Erin. Keep on krinklin’ on!

For more great baby gifts, go to www.KrinklzBaby.com.