Coupon Pages

I am a bit late to the coupon trend.

Granted, since the launch of The Family Groove, I have been hip to the discount code trend for online shopping (thanks to our extensive collection of discount codes, courtesy of our superfly advertisers) but I never saw how I fit into actual print coupons for in-store purchases. It just didn’t seem like it was for me.

I don’t know if it’s because the brands that I dig (more boutique, organic ones) have joined the coupon game or if it’s the fact that I am 35 with two kids  but I am recently all about the couponing.

Oh, that and I watched a few episodes Extreme Couponing and I can totally see how people can get so into it and sites like LivingSocial have helped to shift the paradigm from something your grandmother used to do on Sundays to something cool, in-the-know, upwardly mobile folks like us do because, well, everyone’s doing it.

So now that I’ve given you my journey to couponing confessional, I must tell you about a new site that’s using the ease and omni-accessibility of online to deliver massive savings offline: our newest client, Coupon Pages, a printable coupon website.

The Coupon Pages tagline is “It’s like printing your own money.” And it so is!

Do not step foot in a grocery store, pharmacy or, heck, anywhere until you’ve scanned Coupon Pages to see what great coupons you can click and print in a flash.

Scoop up coupons to local and national restaurants and services (they’ve got an extensive selection of local deals, so enter be sure to search on the local too) to bath and body care to groceries, including great coupons from good, whole, organic food companies, and so much more.

Coupon Pages is my new pre-grocery shopping go-to. I, seriously, had no idea that you could save so much money by investing such minimal effort.

Yay for me! And yay for you!

Now, stop reading this and go to