The Spring Profiles: Little Pim

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You’ll Love It Because: It’s never too early to get your wee ones prepped to be world travelers. The winner of more than 20 awards, Little Pim helps babies, toddlers and preschoolers immerse themselves in another language, all while being entertained.

Check This Out: The Complete Language Learning Set. Available in Spanish and French, this total package charts the course for bilingual status with six DVDs, two books, 60 flashcards and a music CD, all packed in a backpack with the plush Little Pim panda. For the mama with wanderlust, this is an ideal baby shower gift.

Something Else You’ll Think Is Cool: There are smaller gift sets available, in 10 languages, including Chinese, Arabic, Russian and English as a second language. Everyday activities transform into fun adventures when they involve watching Little Pim and friends go through their daily escapades—these materials will have your kids at hola.

Contact:, 888.641.6181. Get 20% off with code PimGroove.