My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Yesterday my daughter asked me what we are getting Daddy for Valentine’s Day.

My (scrambled for) answer: Ummm…not sure yet. We can make him something or bake him something. Want to write him a poem?

To be honest, I forgot about him. I mean, I didn’t forget about him—after all, he’s central in what I most looking forward to on Valentine’s Day: our date.

I did, however, forget about getting him a gift. And though baking and crafting and poeming we will do, I am sure that daughter will insist that an actual gift be purchased and presented.

She doesn’t play around when it comes to holidays and gift-giving.

Luckily, TFG advertiser Grandparent Gift Co. has a slew of appropriate and affordable gifts for these kinds of occasions. We love the “My Daddy’s Hands” frame. It’s perfect for our man’s desk at work and since it’s only $19.99 (minus the 15% discount—see below), we can scoop up a few other fun things for him as well.


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