Outta Sight Site Spotlight: ThreeBranchesHealth.com

If you’re looking to change your life for the better from the inside out, look no further than Three Branches Healthy Living. Divined out of a genuine desire to help everyone live healthier, Three Branches’ goal of helping you create a healthy home and a healthy body is executed in an inspired, inspiring and achievable way.

Here, we talk to Three Branches co-founders Kelly and Allison about the site they created to educate people on what it means to live healthfully, empower them with the information, ideas and items they need to facilitate a healthy lifestyle and support them on their journey to total health.

THE FAMILY GROOVE: What inspired you to start Three Branches Healthy Living?

The gals of Three Branches Healthy Living: Well, this is quite the long story, but we’ll make it short and sweet: During her sophomore year at the University of Texas, Allison came down with mysterious back and neck pain, numbness, tingling, etc. and visited over a dozen medical doctors around the states. She was diagnosed with everything from stress to MS, and prescribed every drug under the sun. Then her aunt, Marilee Nelson – one of the “Branches” – started asking new questions: Where were you living or had you recently moved when the pain started? What is your diet like? What personal care and cleaning products do you use? Kelly was living with Allison at the time and they learned about how many things we use and eat every day have chemicals that can tax the body. They began to eliminate these things from their diet and environment. Upon graduation, Allison and Kelly moved to the Texas Hill Country to live with Marilee, a summer that changed the two girl’s lives forever. They learned about eating clean, well-balanced meals and how to choose safer body product alternatives. Since that summer, Allison has not taken even an Advil and is virtually pain free. This is where Three Branches has its roots. These three women started a website to prevent women from one day saying, “Why didn’t someone tell me?!” Three Branches provides information and products that enable people to live healthy, clean, less-toxic lives. We sell only the highest quality home and body products, and our standards are the highest on the market.

TFG: Tell us about the name.

TBHL: Three Branches is derived from the three women’s desire to do God’s work. In John 15:5, Jesus says, “I am the vine, you are the branches. Abide in me, and you will bear much fruit.” We strive to always remain rooted in Him and our name is a reminder of that mission.

TFG: Your site is broken up into two major sections: Healthy Home and Healthy Body. And you really have stand-out items (I am obsessed with the organic mattresses, the inversion table, the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the EMF support anklet amongst so many other things—really, I just want to move into your site). How do you decide what to offer?

TBHL: Haha, you are hilarious! We feel strongly that the products we sell comprise the essentials for all-around healthy living. While that includes prevention, we also focus on products that are almost essential for those trying to heal from sickness and disease. Now, choosing which manufacturer to use takes a LOT of investigation. Everything we sell is completely non-toxic and pure, and our standards are the highest we’ve come across. Whether they provide our supplements, air purifiers or organic mattresses, each vendor is asked a laundry list of questions concerning their materials, their source, transit, manufacturing process, storage and packaging. This leaves us with a limited amount of products we offer in each category. Marilee has researched product lines for over 20 years so we are 100% confident in the quality and effectiveness of our products.

TFG: What products are you loving lately? 

TBHL: Hmm…that’s a tough one because we use just about everything we sell! Right now, I’m kind of obsessed with our Cod Liver Oil. Green Pastures makes the only raw cod liver oil, so instead of being heated, it retains all its goodies. Hair, skin, nails, memory, mood – all are  targeted in this one supplement. Seriously, a MUST for everyone from infants to the elderly. For Kelly, she’s lovin’ the Genoma Skin Care line, especially the cleanser and toner. She’s gorgeous already, but I have to admit, her skin has an enhanced glow about it! For Marilee, it’s the Garden of Life Prenatal Vitamin. It’s the first one that finally meets her standards!

TFG: Your site is way more than a retail site; it’s really a lifestyle site. You have a host of fantastic and informative articles and even offer recipes. What are a few of your must-read articles?

TBHL: Yes, healthy living really is a way of life. People think, “Oh, I’ll just take this one supplement.” But once they start making little changes, replacing other toxic conventional products, then they are all of a sudden hooked and feel better than ever. A must-read is our “LEARN” section, which gives a wonderful snapshot of information for each of our categories. As for articles, we’d like everyone to read “Why Three Branches Exists: An Overview”.

TFG: What is your proudest moment as business owners?

TBHL: Each time someone tells us “Your product changed my life” or “After taking your advice I feel like a new person” we’re reminded why we’re doing this. Our goal is to increase awareness, to educate people to make safer, healthier choices for themselves and their families so those comments are huge rewards for us.

TFG: What exciting things are on the horizon? 

TBHL: Well, we’ve just rebranded and launched our own cleaning product line, Branch Basics, which we’re in love with it! It’s a formula that’s been around for a long time, made for the chemically sensitive (and safe enough to be ingested!) yet works magically. From grease, wine stains, hardwood floors, dishes and laundry to healing burns, ulcers, treating lice and ridding of pests, Branch Basics does it all through its use of electromagnetically charged particles. We’ve heard phenomenal testimonies from our clients and are excited about getting it on the shelves of retail stores in Houston! Also, Kelly and Allison have recently joined the Advisory Board for Healthy Child Healthy World, so they are very excited to work with and to help promote such a wonderful organization that does so much good!

For more from Three Branches Healthy Living, go to www.ThreeBranchesHealth.com.