Outta Sight Site Spotlight: OmahaBabyStore.com

All-natural, breastfeeding and cloth diapers—these are the new A, B, Cs of parenting. And those A, B, Cs are easier to do than ever thanks to the support of local and national, primarily mom-owned businesses like Baby Junk.

A brick and mortar store in Omaha, a local cloth diaper service and a national natural parenting and baby gear site, Baby Junk brings style and substance to new moms in search of both.

Here, owner Andrea Foley talks about her foray into the world of cloth diapers, why they’re a natural choice and what else moms-to-be need to pick up on their way to parenthood.

THE FAMILY GROOVE: Why did you start your business?

Andrea Foley: After learning about cloth diapers and how many moms were transitioning back to them, I started to do some research on the issue. Not being a mom yet, I had a very neutral stance.

After finding out about all of the harmful effects of disposables and knowing I would never use them on my children in the future, I realized that my city did not have  a service that would enable moms to make an easy transition to cloth. I created the Diaper Dudee Diaper Service and have blossomed into a full retail store from there.

TFG: You carry a large variety of maternity and new mom essentials, baby gifts and gear. What are some of your favorites?

AF: Aside from a stash of cloth diapers, I think all moms need:

1) A wrap—Moby or Sleepy Wrap are great brands

2) A pumping bra, if she is nursing/pumping

3) A great nursing bra or tank

4) A cloth wipe warmer with cloth wipes—even if she’s not using cloth diapers. This kept my son 100% rash free from the time I began using it.

TFG: How does your Diaper DuDee Service work?

AF: We provide new parents with all the diapers they need for an entire week. We come to their home once a week, pick up their dirty diapers, leave them clean ones and do all of the dirty work! It costs less than disposables for this personalized service and does wonders for your baby!

TFG: What would many moms be surprised to know about cloth diapers?

AF: EVERYTHING! You don’t pin them, you don’t have to learn crazy folds, you don’t use pull-on rubber pants, you don’t have to rinse them (with our service). Disposables are very scary and have carcinogenic chemicals in them. Cloth diapers are safe and healthy and babies get 87% less diaper rash with them. And they’re very easy to  put on—they only take five more seconds than disposables.

TFG: Tell us about your brick and mortor.

AF: We are finally realizing our dream of introducing cloth diapers and less “mainstream” baby products to the Omaha market! Our store, Baby Junk, focuses on education with a free community room and a staff that knows the ins and outs of natural-living baby items. From cloth diapers to baby carriers to every item a nursing mother needs, we’ve got it. The name stems form diapers and that cloth babies have more “junk in their trunk.”

TFG: What is your proudest moment as a business owner?

AF: I have two things that really stand out: The day I reached 100 diaper service customers and these last few months of opening my own laundry facility for Diaper DuDee and preparing for the opening of our retail store.

TFG: What else is on the horizon?

AF: Major changes are happening this year. We are working on some other initiative with cloth diapers. I am the head of a committee to re-introduce cloth diapers into hospitals and we are working on other projects like a Diaper Service DVD. We’re also providing free educational classes to younger women to get them into the fold before they have children.



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