Outta Sight Site Spotlight: PlumeriaBay.com

A good night’s sleep is possibly the most coveted thing this side of parenthood.

Once you’re a parent, well-rested joins the ranks of unicorns and rent-controlled Manhattan apartments—magical things you’ve heard about but doubt they really exist.

But guess what? Well-rested is real. It is! It really is! Whether your winks are 40 or four, your time in the sack can be heavenly— a hard-earned respite from the world, where soft, comfortable, cozy and warm reign supreme.

Just how do you get to this happy place? Good bedding. Good bedding is the magic carpet that delivers you to Xanadu.

I can personally attest to it: I don’t have good bedding; my mom does. She is a bedding buff, if you will. She is serious about getting a good night’s rest and knows what it takes to get her through the night.

And this is where Plumeria Bay comes in. This luxury bedding and linens site prides itself on fostering a good night’s sleep for good value, rest assured.


THE FAMILY GROOVE: Why did you start your business?

Steve Clay: We lived in an area that did not have any stores that sold quality down bedding, so we turned to the Internet. As we researched, we saw that there were many companies that offered low quality merchandise and a lot of misinformation. There seemed to be an opportunity for a company that offered excellent quality at a fair price—more of a “value” proposition versus a “bargain” proposition. This was in 2001. Plumeria Bay was born in April of 2002.

TFG: Tell us about the name.

SC: At the time, we were living in Hawaii (No down bedding stores in Hawaii? Imagine that!). The Plumeria tree grows very well there, and the Plumeria blossom is one of our most favorite flowers—very soft with a beautiful delicate fragrance. Plumeria also contains the word “plume”, which means “feather”, so it’s a nice play on words that’s suitable for our business. A bay is a safe place for sailors to rest and take refuge, just like our bedroom. That’s how we came up with our name, Plumeria Bay.

TFG: You offer your own line of duvets in down, silk and eiderdown. What makes each kind so special?

SC: We use the finest Hungarian white goose down and European milled fabrics for our goose down comforters, in the widest range of fabric and fill options available anywhere. The quality of our down comforters (according to many of our customers) is superior to those found in even the finest department stores, at a much better price.

Our Mulberry Silk Comforters were voted “The Best Non-Down Natural Comforter” by Real Simple magazine in the February 2010. The Mulbery Silk Comforter is a wonderful alternative for those seeking a hypoallergenic alternative to down comforters.

Our Eiderdown Comforters are made to order for us by St. Geneve, in Canada. Eiderdown comes from the Eider Duck (a large migratory sea duck), and is harvested from the nest of the Eider Duck in protected sanctuaries in Iceland. Eiderdown is very rare and is the softest, lightest and warmest down in the world. An Eiderdown comforter is simply the best.

TFG: What makes a “good” pillow?

SC: A “good pillow” should provide comfortable support, while relieving stress on your neck. Our goose down pillows are made with the finest German down proof fabrics and Hungarian white goose down. We offer the widest range of firmness levels available anywhere, along with our “Perfect Fill” service, where you can send your pillow(s) back to us any time within the first year to have down added or removed. The service is free, you only pay for the cost of shipping and any down added.

TFG: Your down comforters, pillows and feather beds are Confidence in Textiles certified. What does that mean?

SC: Many people are surprised to learn that heavy metals, formaldehyde and chemical bleaching agents are used in the manufacture of textiles. Fabrics that carry the Confidence in Textiles (or Okeo-tex 100) certification are guaranteed are to meet strict European environmental standards and to be free from formaldehyde, bleaching agents, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals. All of our down proof fabrics are Okeo-tex certified.

TFG: What are the latest trends in bed linens?

SC: Gray seems to be the “hot” color this year for bed linens. Of course, this color is available in our most popular line of duvet covers and bed linens, Sferra Celeste.

TFG: What’s your proudest moment as a business owner?

SC: It’s January, 2011 and we’ve just closed the books on 2010. As it turns out, 2010 was our best year ever! After an economically challenging 2009, we (like most businesses and consumers) were very concerned about the future. Our strong growth during these challenging times is due to our core business philosophy of offering an excellent quality product at a fair price along with excellent customer service. I am very proud of this, and very thankful to our returning customers.

TFG: What’s new for 2011 (products, ideas, initiatives, etc.)?

SC: We’re always looking for new products, but are very selective about what makes the cut. We’ve recently updated our Schlossberg (a beautiful line of bed linens manufactured in Switzerland) collection to include much of their Fall 2010 collection and we look forward, as always, to their Spring offering. Beyond that, we have a few other things in mind product wise, but we’ll just have to wait and see! Above all, we will continue to focus on the quality of our core products and customer service.

For more from Plumeria Bay, go to www.plumeriabay.com.

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