For the Girls

Okay, so here is a quote from the homepage, “Like a cashmere sweater for my boobies…”

A cashmere sweater for my boobies? Sign me up.



I am not nursing.

No cashmere boob sweater for me.

But for those of you who’ve got milk, Bamboobies are your new breast friend.

Made with a super-soft velour (organic cotton-based) and anti-microbial bamboo (which doesn’t get cold and yucky when it’s wet) to help prevent breast infection and and organic hemp (all of which are sustainable and fair-trade), these super thin, washable, ultra-absorbant, leak-proof nursing pads are 1) cute—bordering on sexy—and 2) effective.

Boob-tubular bonus: They were designed by a mom and are made in the good ol’ US of A.

Got breastfeeding buddies? Give your girls’ girls just what they need this holiday season: relief! These pads are a lock for the perfect holiday gift. Check out the Bamboobies Gift Sets. Choose from two kinds of sets that either contain a variety of Bamboobies (multi-colored, overnights, regular, etc.) or a Bamboobies and a stylish Butterfly Nursing Wrap (which does triple duty as a skirt, shawl and nursing cover). Get free shipping on the sets with the code SANTASHIPS.

Or use code TFG20 to get 20% percent off a regular purchase—maybe even if you’re not nursing. I mean, seriously, think about it. I am.