Outta Sight Site Spotlight: Cool2School.com

If you’re like us, you still need to scoop up a few more things for the school year, despite the fact that it’s been in full swing for a few weeks now.

Whether it be more of something (like folders and erasers) or something new altogether (like a bigger backpack, which I had to buy for my 5 year old to fit all of her books), this back-to-school thing persists.

Fret not, school-weary ‘rents, just go to Cool 2 School.  As the name promises, this site’s stocked to the hilt with cool school supplies and gear. They’ve got a big selection of backpacks (which also make great gifts, by the way) to eco-friendly lunch boxes (which, come to think of it, also make great gifts!).

But, the coolest thing about the site has got to be the Japanese erasers and stickers they offer. Don’t they look like so much fun? Don’t they just make you want to write in pencil and then erase it? And speaking of gifts, can you say stocking stuffers?

I so hope Santa reads this blog—or that he has a Google Alert for his name.

Get 10% off with code FGROOVE10. For more from Cool 2 School, go to www.cool2school.com.