Wrist to Cuff, Please

I am not a huge jewelry wearer anymore. Heck, with two kids and a business, I’m barely a makeup wearer anymore. And some days I am lucky if I remember to be a pants wearer anymore.

So, when I do wear jewelry, I have to love it. It has to be the kind of piece that makes me lust for it every time I feast my ever-so-rushed eyes on it.

I also look for multi-purpose pieces that can be worn to funk up jeans and a tank top as effortlessly as they can be made the statement piece de resistance avec an LBD.

Now, I shall gush over my latest crush: The Family Love Ladder Bracelet from Bella Merce. (Insert gasp, high-pitched squeak followed by guttural grrr here and let the stalking begin.)

The hand-stamped sterling silver ladder bars showcase your loved ones’ names and a pretty design of your choice.

It’s so sweet, simple and sentimental (sans schmaltz) but still funky and cool because of the mixed medium and the fact that it could look like a cuff.

I am envisioning my naked wrist happily donning this dapper darling along with my favorite pair of flared jeans (back in this season) and a tank (I also see my arms a la Linda Hamilton’s in Terminator—hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?) and with

the versatile LBD I bought for my SIL’s wedding and can’t wait to wear out to dinner with my man in the city at one of my favorite restaurants (again, a girl can dream, can’t she?).

At $97, it’s actually not too expensive either. In fact, it’s a fair price for a holiday or birthday gift (not too much, not too little—this one’s juuuust right) or a girlfriend gift, if you went in on it with another friend or two.

Yup! This one’s a good one. It hits all the Mommy marks.

Bella bonus: Get 10% off with code HOLIDAYGROOVE.

For more from Bella Merce, go to www.BellaMerce.com.