Who’s Bad?

I saw about half of This Is It late on Saturday night. As exhausted as I was after a day of cleaning, cooking and entertaining a two-year-old and a five-year-old, all while working an 8-hour day, I found my energy rising as I watched the movie.

Man, oh, man in the mirror, are Michael’s energy and passion palpable. He’s so ubiquitous, even in death, and you forget why sometimes.

Watching the movie made me at once sad (I mean, he’s clearly out of it) and inspired (even when he’s out of it, he’s a performer through and through, a true professional and an obsessed perfectionist—I so admire that).

Anyway, it’s a great movie to watch with your kids because the music and the dancing are unparalleled.

And speaking of days of cooking, cleaning, entertaining two little kids and working (or not so really speaking of it), behavior was a big issue this weekend. The no’s (as said to me), the tantrums (after I say no) and the know-it-allness (of both of them) were remarkable.

Witnessing these new stages of development and seeing little human beings explore their boundaries and flex their independent muscles is fascinating from an intellectual point of view but from a harried–mother-whose-already-on-empty-and-whose-patience-skipped-town-a-while-ago, it’s frustrating (and that’s putting it nicely).

I expected the two-year-old to act as such but not the five-year-old. Apparently, however, five (as in five going on fifteen) can be a tough time for the wees, especially the girl ones. All of my daughter’s friends’ moms report back on the same kind of exasperating behavior.

Knowing that it’s not just my kid (and it’s probably not because I work too much) makes me feel a lot better and stops me from buying a one-way ticket on the guilt train for a long and bumpy ride to Woe-Is-Me-Ville.

If you’re feeling my pain, chug-a-chug-a-choo-choo your way over to our  helpful Q & A with a prominent child psychiatrist on how to effectively handle bad behavior called The Discipline Dilemma.

I hope your weekend was more good than bad, unless you still use the word bad to mean good.

Have a good/bad Labor Day!