WAHM Bam Thank You, Mom

With the kids back in school (can I get a hallelujah?), Mommy’s got a little time on her hands. Sweet!

Many of you, we are sure, are thinking of getting a little joberoo. But what to do that will give you the flexibility to be a hands-on mom and still make some cold, hard moolah?

There are a lot of WAHM options out there so we turned to one of our favorite WAHMs, Patty Hoffman of I Love 2 Be Home, for a little advice on how to get the ball rolling on your latest and greatest (ad)venture.

Here is her tip on getting started:

“When looking for a job (whether it be work-at-home or outside the home), find something you are really passionate about.

You will not be very convincing or motivated if you are spending your time doing or supporting something that you do not have a genuine interest in.

All things told, it’s just not worth it if your job makes you unhappy. And, contrary to what the media will tell you, there are many great options out there for women like you.

You make your own destiny; you can definitely create your best life!”

For more from Patty, go to www.ilove2behome.com