New Balance

If you’re TTC and thinking about skipping the gym or housing that hot dog and fries, think again. Now more than ever, you need to stay fit. But, before you head off for an hour of intense cardio, followed by an hour of heavy lifting, a word to the wise: To much exercise isn’t good for you either.

The real deal when it comes to trying to conceive—and being successful at it—is balance.

This week’s Fertili-Tip, courtesy of Fairhaven Health, site dedicated to helping women with all of their trying-to-conceice needs, naturally, talks the importance of a balanced fitness and nutrition regimen.

“Eating right and maintaining a healthy body weight is important when trying-to-conceive. Promote optimal reproductive health by ensuring that you are receiving all the necessary vitamins – eat whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and make sure to take a prenatal vitamin. It is also important to be active and maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight. However, excessive exercise can cause lack of ovulation, which can hinder your efforts at achieving pregnancy. Yoga is highly recommended to increase your fertility – by increasing blood flow to your organs and helping to restore hormonal balance.

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