Eight, We Figure

Schoolhouse Rock says:

Figure eight as double four, Figure four as half of eight. If you skate, you would be great If you could make a figure eight. That’s a circle that turns ’round upon itself

This month, we figure eight is enough (is enough is enough is enough) for our Must Have It List—because this eight is so totally great.

We hope you appreciate without debate our great eight:

1. DonnaDaVine.com

2. The Swaddle Keeper

3.  Monogrammed Coasters by Dabney Lee from Nik’s Naks

4. Seductive Vanilla Organic Body Cream

5. The Little Lasso

6.  Super Cool Toy Store

7. Bliss Cakes Boutique Diaper Cakes Get 15% off with code TFG

8. The Crumb Cap

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