What You Need

So, I just went looked up the lyrics to “What You Need” by INXS—as if I had to say “by INXS,” right? Yeah, well, apparently, I did because some dude named Taio Cruz has a song called “What You Need” too. Man, that makes me feel old. I kind of know who Taio Cruz is because I caught an episode of “The Hills” and they played his song “Break Your Heart” over a bird’s eye montage of a pristine and oh-so appealing Los Angeles. (By the way, a well-chosen song it was. Damn you, Brody, you heartbreaker, you!).

Without further ado or lamenting on how 34 feels like 74 lately:

Hey, here is the story Forget about the trouble in life Don’t you know, it’s not easy When you gotta walk upon that line

That’s why – You need That’s why – This is what you need I’ll give you what you need

Don’t you get sad and lonely You need a change from What you do all day Ain’t no sense in all your crying Just pick it up and throw it into shape

Hey you, won’t you listen This is not the end of it all Don’t you see there is a rhythm I’ll take you where you Really need to be

Quite apropos to a mom’s life, huh?

And it’s also the segue into some good scoop: WhatEveryBabyNeeds.com is offering 25% off  all regularly priced items this week! Score.

What Every Baby Needs Organic Baby Clothes

What does every baby need, you ask?

Stuff. Lots of stuff. That’s what every baby needs. As a new parent, your life becomes about two things: lack of sleep and baby gear—oh, and the boundless joy of your little bundle and all the true blessings that come with being a mommy or daddy. But seriously, folks, you need a lot of stuff to be a parent these days. The good news is that there’s some very cool, fun, functional and even affordable baby gear out there. Read: You don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on things that don’t tickle your fancy. At the full-service online baby-and-beyond boutique What Every Baby Needs, there’s so much to get into—we guarantee you’ll be swapping your shoe obsession for an oh-my-goodness-this-is-the-cutest-(fill in baby item here)-I’ve-ever-seen obsession in no time. Bonus: They have a user-friendly baby and gift registry and super customer service.

And on days/weeks when they’re not doing a mad-crazy sale, use code TFG to get 10% off.

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