Holiday Gift Guide 2013
Simply Colors childrens clothing

Wall Sticker Outlet

The Place to Scoop Up the Best In: wall décor that wows

You’ll Love It Because: With the largest selection of wall décor on the web—think 6,000 items—Wall Sticker Outlet offers everything your walls need to go from boring to storied, including peel-and-stick decals, wall murals, borders, growth charts, mirrors, canvas wall art and wallpaper.

A Gift Worth Giving: Monkey Around Fabric Decal. Add a punch of playfulness to any kid’s room with these swinging monkeys, which can be arranged and rearranged any way you so choose. The decals won’t damage walls or surfaces and are easy to remove, reuse and reposition. You can even choose the color and font for your little monkey’s name decal.

Something Else You’ll Think Is Cool: Alphabet Garden Fabric Wall Stickers. With designs like elephants, owls, planes, butterflies, trees and more, these wall stickers from Alphabet Garden Designs are as adorable as it gets—and are just the thing to make any kid’s space special.

Contact: www.wallstickeroutlet.com, 888.557.0255

Funkins Ladybugs reusable cloth napkins


The Place to Scoop Up the Best In: reusable cloth napkins for kids

You’ll Love It Because: These environmentally friendly, bright napkins are ideal for lunch boxes, snack time at home and on-the-go outings. The double-sided napkins are made from 100 percent cotton fabric using low-impact dyes, making them a perfect fit for environmentally friendly families and schools with waste-free lunch programs.

A Gift Worth Giving: Ladybugs. This Backyard Buddies design features the lovable ladybug on one side, with white and black dots on a red background on the other side. The pattern is perfect for a backyard barbecue or brightening up a winter day indoors.

Something Else You’ll Think Is Cool: Animal Crackers Dinos. Dinosaurs may be extinct, but this pattern’s here to stay, thanks to cute renderings of the Jurassic-era creatures. The flip side features fun polka dots

Contact: www.myfunkins.com, 441.704.2346 (Canada number)

Rasberry Truffle Tutu Dress with Ruffle Leggings

Tickled Pink Tots

The Place to Scoop Up the Best In: trendy toddler clothing

You’ll Love It Because: Your favorite small fries deserve to stand out in a crowd, and with the up-to-the-minute fashions from Tickled Pink Tots, they’ll do just that.

A Gift Worth Giving: Coordinating outfit sets from Giggle Moon. The Raspberry Truffle Tutu Dress with Ruffle Leggings and the Raspberry Truffle Swing Set are gorgeous pink-and-cream creations that capture “the innocence of girls using vintage-inspired fabrics and heirloom pieces for her closet,” says the site of the collection, replete with pretty lace and flower details. For a somewhat sassy look for the holidays, the Dance for Joy Tutu Dress with Ruffle Leggings and the Dance for Joy Tutu Swing Set feature a splash of bright red floral and lime green floral with gray and yellow knit stripes.

Something Else You’ll Think Is Cool: Little boys can transform into little men with a nice selection of neckties, from damask in ivory and black to lattice in lilac to classic blue and brown stripes.

Contact: www.tickledpinktots.com, 563.872.4530

I'm OK! set


The Place to Scoop Up the Best In: well-designed products meant to make life easier

You’ll Love It Because: Kabalab received the prestigious IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Award) for its design work, and creating products that are smart, beautiful and innovative is the core mission of the company.

A Gift Worth Giving: I’M OK! set. A complete kit for handling minor injuries—with a patented pocket case, an emergency info card, a cold pack, bandages and antiseptic swabs—the I’M OK! set is a stylish way to handle the scuffs and scrapes of childhood. Choose from four themes, including Pink Princess, Blue Pirate, Orange Bear and Green Cross.

Something Else You’ll Think Is Cool: You can buy extra pocket cases, refill packs of the bandages and antiseptic swabs, and additional cold packs if your I’M OK! set is ever running low.

Contact: www.kabalab.com, 718.666.5683

Mimivail French Rose Dress


The Place to Scoop Up the Best In: youthful, expressive dresses

You’ll Love It Because: The Mimivail collection is filled with feminine, modern dresses made especially for little girls. Each dress is beautiful on the outside and the inside, as each comes with an imprinted message that reminds girls to celebrate their unique selves and unlimited potential.

A Gift Worth Giving: Rafi’s French Rose Dress. This dress, pretty with box pleats, a pink lace flower and pearl buttons, was created for Rafaella Lily, who has a painful genetic disorder called recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. A portion of the proceeds from each Rafi dress sold is donated to help research a cure.

Something Else You’ll Think Is Cool: With heavy fabrics like wool, twill and corduroy, the fall/winter special-occasion dresses and capes are just the pieces to get your glowing girl through the holidays in style.

Contact: www.mimivail.com

The Boys Store North Sea Coat

Heirloom Wooden Toys

The Place to Scoop Up the Best In: simple, earth-friendly toys

You’ll Love It Because: This family-owned business specializes in the kind of natural toys that are designed to withstand years of active play, helping kids connect with nature and develop their own sense of creativity.

A Gift Worth Giving: Grab a complementary roundup of toys for the tots in your life, starting with a play kitchen, dollhouse or other handcrafted item from Elves & Angels, which uses pine from Maine. Then take a look at The Learning Tower, a stool that makes it easy—and, best of all, safe—for kids to work at the counter. They can indulge in mental and physical play together with Twig blocks, a new twist on the classic building block. And although it’s not wooden,The Little Yoga Mat is a biodegradable, recyclable and hypoallergenic mat that’s just the right size for toddlers and encourages active play.

Something Else You’ll Think Is Cool: A Made in the USA section on the site helps you identify locally made products to support.

Contact: www.heirloomwoodentoys.com, 866.202.8073

My Wonderful Walls Outrageous Space Stencil Kit

Abigails Avenue

The Place to Scoop Up the Best In: grown-up uniforms for kids

You’ll Love It Because: The children’s lab coats, scrubs, chef coats and hats, aprons, smocks and more give kids a chance to play pretend in something their size.

A Gift Worth Giving: Children’s lab coat. Treat your little Doogie Howser, M.D., to an authentic lab coat (available in 20 colors) while he or she treats patients or whips up important concoctions in the lab. You can even add embroidery above the left chest pocket to personalize the present.

Something Else You’ll Think Is Cool: If the lab coat isn’t enough, add some scrubs underneath to make the outfit even more realistic—this gift comes with a surgical cap, mask and shoe covers in addition to the shirt and pants for a complete set any future doctor or vet will adore.

Contact: www.abigailsavenue.com, 224.772.1300

Brick Stix Rescue Stix


The Place to Scoop Up the Best In: decals to change up building blocks

You’ll Love It Because: A kid dreamt up this super-cool idea. At 9 years old, Greyson was frustrated with the sticker sets that came with his blocks, because once a sticker was placed, it was there for good. Greyson wanted his blocks to be more versatile than that, so his family got to work creating reusable, removable and restickable clings and stickers that would make his idea a reality.

A Gift Worth Giving: Cling Decals and Reusable Stickers. Add a watchdog to your city, stick an alien aboard your spaceship or put a dent in a car…or create a medieval world, a zombie apocalypse or a World War II mission. Kids can change their BrickStix as often as they change their minds.

Something Else You’ll Think Is Cool: BrickStix are compatible with most plastic bricks, including LEGOs and Mega Bloks.

Contact: www.brickstix.com, 414.502.7849



The Place to Scoop Up the Best In: an entertaining and educational word game

You’ll Love It Because: This is a quality game, both in concept and construction. The letterpressed pieces are made and assembled in the U.S. of 100 percent recycled materials.

A Gift Worth Giving: Best for ages 7 and up, Typecrush is a something of a color-coded hangman. Players use round pieces to make a word (there are five colors for the pieces, which correspond with how frequent a letter is used in our language), and then everyone else tries to figure out what that word could be based on color-coded charts. You can make up your own rules and create a game that’s simpler or more challenging, depending on who’s playing.

Something Else You’ll Think Is Cool: The Typecrush Twitter account offers ideas for themes you can use when coming up with the words.

Contact: www.typecrush.com

Calico Critters Family Oakwood Home Playset

Puzzle Zoo

The Place to Scoop Up the Best In: puzzles and toys of all kinds

You’ll Love It Because: With more than 10,000 toys in stock, Puzzle Zoo is a lot more than its name suggests—you’ll find puzzles, definitely, along with toys from Angry Birds, G.I. Joe, Littlest Pet Shop, Transformers and much more.

A Gift Worth Giving: Calico Critters Family Oakwood Home Playset. With three spacious floors just waiting to be filled with critters and other accessories, this little house will provide long hours of playtime for creative minds. The third floor can be added to the first floor or detached and turned into a yard.

Something Else You’ll Think Is Cool: If you live in the Southern California or Dallas/Fort Worth areas, you can visit Puzzle Zoo in person at one of six retail locations.

Contact: www.puzzlezoo.com, 877.901.8697

AB Ornament Initial Onesie or #1 on Sant's List Tee

Kids T-Shirt Rock

The Place to Scoop Up the Best In: personalized tees for kids

You’ll Love It Because: Individual personalities shine with these customized T-shirts, which come in a huge selection of holiday, birthday, sibling, embroidered and rhinestone designs.

A Gift Worth Giving: AB Ornament Initial Onesie or Tee. Your kids are so cute, you’d proudly display them on your tree if they fit. But since they don’t, outfit them in one of these Christmas-themed ornament tees, which include their first initial in the center.

Something Else You’ll Think Is Cool: #1 on Santa’s List Tee. They may be naughty every once in a while, but in the end your little elves are always on the nice list. Get them this ringspun cotton shirt—featuring a customized logo with their names—to show them they’re tops on Santa’s mind. Make it a long-sleeved shirt for just $2 more.

Contact: www.kidstshirtsrock.com, 877.814.5041

Mouthman Hoodie
Abigail's Avenue Children's Lab Coats
Abigail's Avenue
my ubby original and big ubby custom blankets
Heirloom Wooden Toys
Brick Stix Rescue Stix
Mimivail French Rose Dress
I'm OK! set
uppets and Quilts
Tickled Pink Tots
Funkins Ladybugs reusable cloth napkins
Simply Colors  chirldrens clothing
Wall Sticker Outlet
#1 on Santa's List Tee
Kids T-Shirts Rock
Calico Critters Family Oakwood Home Playset
Puzzle Zoo
Mouthman Hoodie


The Place to Scoop Up the Best In: hoodies with playful designs

You’ll Love It Because: You haven’t seen anything like this before—the “animated apparel” from Mouthman makes a giant mouth when you hug yourself. Wolves howl, sharks bare their teeth, dolphins smile and more, all with a cross of the arms.

A Gift Worth Giving: Mouthman Superhero Hoodie Shirt. Every budding superhero needs the right attire, and this shirt is up for the job of leaping tall buildings, running at lightning speeds and saving lives—or at least it definitely looks cool enough to be worn by someone with all those powers. Cross your arms and you get chomping steel teeth.

Something Else You’ll Think Is Cool: Mouthman products—founded by Journey bass player Ross Valory and Tubes drummer Prairie Prince—are created from recycled plastic bottles and use an eco-friendly printing process to get the bold graphics and vivid colors.

Contact: www.mouthman.com, 707.751.3888



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